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   1,5 % of personal income tax
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The foundations provide following support::
  • funds operations, medical of medical operations, examination, consultations, therapies, rehabilitations and purchasing of medical equipment and medicaments,
  • funds protection and promotion of health, promotion of the healthy lifestyle and sport by co-funding of sportive performances,
  • co-funding of the medical equipment, medical healthcare institutions and medical science institutes support,
  • organizing and rendering of the financial and material support for sick people or people and their families in difficult situation of living,

In near future foundation is going to develop, in the range of financial assets, additional methods of support as:
  • funding of education and support for people who change or improve their professional qualifications,
  • organizational financial support and consultancy for people who start to conduct economic activity,

Foundation can achieve the targets in the following method:
  • directly – conducting an operational activity relayed on services included to its activity,
  • indirectly – supporting material and financial other organizations, institutions corporations and individuals in the range of the statutory aims of foundation.

The Foundation for Health Promotion is a public benefit organization.
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