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Unified text of the Statute including the change introduced by the authenticated deed Rep. A 1299/2005
of the Foundation for health promotion

On the 9th of June 2004 following Founders:

1. Burczyk Wojciech,
3. Sarna Jerzy,
4. Smulski Wiesław,
5. Waśko Stanisław,
have established foundation and gave its the following statute:

1. The foundation has been established by the five Founders:

a) Burczyk Wojciech,
c) Sarna Jerzy,
d) Smulski Wiesław,
e) Waśko Stanisław,
- that has signed declaration of the foundation establishment.

2. The foundation acts under the name The foundation for health promotion according to the Law on foundations dated on 6th of April 1984 and present Statute.

1. The seat of the foundation is located in Kraków.
2. The foundation has been established for the unlimited period.

1. The territory of the foundation activity is the Republic of Poland.
2. For the proper realization of the aims, the foundation has the right to conduct its activity abroad, according to the obligatory regulations..
3. The foundation is entitled to establish offices, branches, divisions on the territory of Republic of Poland and abroad.

The supervisory body for the Foundation is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

see the complete text of the Statute of the Foundation for Health Promotion.

The Foundation for Health Promotion is a public benefit organization.
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